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At Kickstart Newsletter we are well aware of the problems of spam on the Internet and do not approve of it in any way.

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A Few Kickstart Recommendations

In Kickstart Newsletter I sometimes review products and services that I think may be of benefit to you. You won't get endless promotional emails hawking the latest bright new thing. I am very very selective about what I review and even more so about the things I recommend. Nothing appears in Kickstart unless I have personally used, tested and approved it - and then decided it is the best in its class. Your trust and my reputation are too important to waste.

Here are few products that I have been particularly impressed with recently:

Affiliate Marketing

Forever Affiliate
by Andrew Hansen

How to create an empire of mini niche websites that Google loves.

Kindle Publishing

by Geoff Shaw

Easily the best product on everything to do with publishing on the Kindle.

Email Marketing

Ezine Academy
by Martin Avis

My own course on making a full-time income from your  newsletter in just a few hours a week.