Stupidly Simple Arbitrage Review

I teased you last week with the news that I was testing
out a new product and would report back if it worked or
not for me.

It has taken a bit longer than I expected and the
answer is ‘yes and no’.

The good news though is that the time it has taken and
the ‘no’ part of the answer are both down to me. The
product itself performed exactly as promised.

ssaWhat I was testing was something called ‘Stupidly
Simple Arbitrage’ from a guy called Phil Henderson.

Arbitrage is about finding something for sale at a low
price and then offering that same thing for sale at a
higher price – then getting the lower priced vendor to
ship the product directly to your customer.

It sounds really daft, but it works.

I was first attracted to this ebook because I know a
guy ( a regular London lunch attendee) who makes really
good money form doing just this, so I knew it was a
really good business model – even if the idea that
someone would buy from you at a higher price than they
could easily find online sounds so counter-intuitive.

You see, people are, in the main, lazy. They would
rather do a search on Amazon or eBay, find what they
want and buy it than bother to shop around.

Stupidly Simple Arbitrage teaches you exactly how you
can capitalize on this weird phenomenon to make regular
profits pretty much as often (and as big) as you like.

And it is very, very easy.

So why has my ‘success’ been so muted?

To be perfectly honest, with Delia’s mum passing and
all the arrangements for the funeral, making money
online hasn’t been top of my priorities, so I got as
far as reading the entire book, putting in some
research to find a few products that I could buy low
and sell high (just using eBay and Amazon – nothing
fancy) and then, satisfied that I could do this, I put
the whole thing on hold until family life settles down.

All that is just an excuse though . I just didn’t fully
get around to it.

The truth is that Stupidly Simple Arbitrage fulfilled
all its promises. It was me that didn’t!

[Isn’t that so often the way with brilliant business
plans – we KNOW they will work if only we took that
extra effort to make them work for US!]

Anyway, when things settle down here in Avis Towers, I
WILL get back to this because I have proved to myself
that it works.

I’m just sorry that I haven’t gone the whole way to
prove it to you too.

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