Kickstart Special Edition

It isn't often you get something
for free with no catch...
but this is one of those times.

From the keyboard of Martin Avis

Hi there. It is great to see you here - especially as this is a secret edition of Kickstart that is only available to a select few readers.

You are special because you are tagged as having opened, read or clicked a link in Kickstart recently.​

Here's the deal. Anyone who has an email list not only has a wonderful resource but also has a huge problem.

You see, lots of people sign up to be on email lists, but never open them.

There can be lots of reasons ...

  • They are not interested in the content
  • They don't like the writing style
  • They can't remember signing up

... I could go on, but you get the idea.

Another problem is actually knowing who has opened an email and who hasn't - the technology of reporting isn't all that accurate and it may be that someone who opens every email you send, and reads them all avidly, goes completely unmarked.

While it isn't really a problem sending out lots of emails that don't get opened, it makes me sad. It is a waste of resources and, more importantly, a nuisance for people to keep receiving emails that they no longer want.

That's why I sent the email that you have just clicked the link in to get here.

My autoresponder tells me that you have opened up a Kickstart recently and so this special edition is my way of saying thank you.

So I figured I'd reward you for opening this one.

In fact, as I know that Kickstart readers have varied interests - and aren't all Internet marketers - I've sourced three ebooks for you​. Take your pick of one, two or even all three if you wish.

All come with Master Resell​ Rights as well, so you can not only learn, but profit too!

Learn how you can be energized and encouraged in order to strive harder in attain larger goals in your life!

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst!

Discover ideas for freebies and copywriting strategies that will persuade people to subscribe to your opt-list or e-mail newsletter

What have the Avis family been up to lately?

This has been a very hard couple of weeks. Our old cat Simba became very ill two weeks ago and wouldn't eat. The vet said he had three teeth that had gone bad and the pain was probably the problem.

£500 and three extractions later, Simba was still very poorly, but we hoped he would pick up but sadly, on Monday he gave up the fight​. 

As a rescue cat we knew he had been very badly treated when we first got him at 2 years old. His previous owners has kicked him badly and it was years before he would ​allow anyone to touch his stomach. All we could do was love him and give him the best that life could offer. And for the last fifteen and a half years he has truly been the King of our household.

He had a lovely life, brought a ray of sunshine into the heart of everyone who met him and will be sorely missed by us all.

​Today has been happier though as we have spent the day with Holly, who is now 10 months old!

She is such a sweetie, and is learning new things all the time.

​To cheer ourselves up a bit we saw two new movies this week - Star Trek Beyond and Jason Bourne.

The Star Trek movie was excellent but not quite as good as the last one (with Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain)​. It was, nonetheless, a brilliant film and well worth seeing.

Jason Bourne has had some poor reviews, but in our opinion deserved none of them. Exciting, fast-paced, knicker-gripping in places. What more could you want! Go see it.

​I am trying to cut down my Facebook time right now. There is just too much about Trump and Clinton, too many ads for things I have no interest in (although there was one yesterday for a $35 TV projector that caught my eye) and too many cute cats.

The latter I love, but just not right now.

Sarah Staar was telling me yesterday about how he Internet died while on a two-week vacation in France and so she had to have an unexpected enforced ​tech blackout. I got the impression that after the initial shock, she rather enjoyed the downtime and said she came home much refreshed.

Much the same thing happened to me while we were on our cruise earlier in the year. Internet was just too expensive to consider and my phone wouldn't connect to the ship's system. so for days at a time I was Internet/email/sms blind.

And it was surprisingly cathartic. When your focus is on a small screen so often, you forget that there is a world of wonder that you are missing.

On the news today there was a report about how people have started going on low-tech retreats for days or weeks. The idea is to live without modern technology and learn how to reconnect with the world.

Back in the 60's and 70's such talk would have made you a hopeless hippy, but today it is a very appealing thought.​

I need your input ...

​Recently I have been getting my programming mojo back a bit and have come up with a program that is super useful. I think.

The problem is that it creates so much useful data that presenting it is a real challenge.

Without giving too much of the game away, the program sources, in real time, the top buyer keywords​ that people are using right now.

It finds the most searched on buyer keywords for up to 360 of the most searched for products and then ​delves into accessing thousands of variations and longer-tail variants that people are actually typing in right now.

It is awesome, and makes profitable niche selection child's play.

Currently I am adding to the program to make it identify which keywords are rising in popularity, which are falling, which have disappeared and which are new to the list.​

The problem is that the report my program produces currently runs to up to 500 pages of PDF. And that is just for the UK! The US report is even bigger.

So, my question to you is this: if I were to release this data, what format would be easiest for you to use?

I could make it into giant PDFs, but I'm thinking more a membership website that gave access on screen.

What do you think - or can you suggest an alternative?

Before you go ...

There is one recommendation that I would like to suggest you take a look at.

I bought this today and am completely blown away by the sheer quality.

DigiProducts' Mega Collection of 11,156 royalty-free original images is quite frankly, a wonder to behold.

Images are crucial for almost any kind of online marketing - at least, good ones are, and this collection is top class.​ here is a very small sample...

You are free to use the images in any way you like. They are great in websites and blogs, but can also be used in ebooks, emails, physical products - you name it! The pictures are all copyright and royalty free and you get a full commercial-use licence.

If you have ever bought pictures online you'll know how expensive they can be. You used to be able to get decent images for a dollar a time, but those days are long gone. There are free sites, but frankly, you usually get what you pay for.​

Here are some more examples:

Good, aren't they. And that is only scratching the surface.

Even better is that they come at a silly low price.

Oh, and by the way, there are a few upsells and take it from me they are every bit as good as the main product. So take a little time to think about them before you click the No Thanks link!​