It’s NOT rude to interrupt…

  • What makes you open an email?
  • What makes you read past an ad’s headline?
  • What makes you pick up that book by someone you’ve never heard of?
  • Why do some TV adverts grab your attention, while the rest are just ignorable noise?
  • Why do some sales pages make you want to read to the end, while most just make you want to click away?

The answer to all those questions is the difference between being an ineffective marketer and being a highly successful one.

Grab attention

We are all creatures of habit and we expect things we see, hear, and even think about, to remain pretty much the same day in, day out. And most of the time that’s exactly what happens.

It is how we evolved because although we perceive the world as fluid and full of movement, our brains are actually stitching together a series of snapshots. In between each still image our brilliant necktop computer effectively ‘makes up’ an illusion of movement.

So a big percentage of what we think we see is our brain ‘filling in the blanks’.

Don’t believe me?

Try this simple experiment.

Using your cellphone, video yourself moving your eyes from left to right. Notice how you feel that your eyes are tracking smoothly, but in the video you’ll see that they are really moving in a series of little jumps.

In between each jump, we don’t see anything, so that’s where our brain has to start making things up based on what it expects to see.

If you try the same experiment in a mirror, you won’t be able to see any movement at all!

So why am I telling you about this?

It is because of this phenomenon that we (all of us – I’m not pointing fingers at you!) are pretty lazy when it comes to experiencing the world around us. So long as things are more or less as we expect them to be, our ability to actually notice them is impaired.

Everything becomes wallpaper until something stands out and grabs our attention.

That ‘something’ is called ‘Pattern Interruption’ and is the basis of all highly successful advertisements, web pages, sales letters, email subject lines – in fact anything that grabs your attention.


The problem is that really effective pattern interruption is rarely taught. Even if you Google it, the information you’ll find is woefully inadequate.

A good friend of mine, and another very popular presenter from the KISS seminars, is Rob Cornish.

Rob really understands about pattern interruption and has just released a new ebook on how you can use really effective pattern interruption to make your blogging, videos, headlines, sales letters, squeeze pages, emails – in fact ANYTHING that needs to get someone’s attention – more mind-grabbing than ever before.

I have read the book and even though I have been involved in the advertising industry all my life, I learned a whole heap of stuff that I didn’t know – or even suspect!

You will too. I guarantee it.

A book that can virtually instantly make everything you do online more effective, more profitable and a whole lot more compelling is worth it’s weight in gold, right?

Not in Rob Cornish’s world.

Right now you can get ‘Interrupt 2 Profit’ FOR JUST $7.

If that isn’t a pattern interrupt, I don’t know what is!

Don’t waste a minute – click here now Best wishes,

Martin Avis

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