I didn’t even hesitate…

There is a new product that was released recently that seems to have been promoted by everyone. I have seen endless emails extolling its virtue. But for some reason I didn’t feel the urge to click on any of their links.

Until this morning what I received an email from Paul Myers saying how good he has found it to be.

Now I don’t know if you know of Paul (if not, his ‘Talkbiz’ newsletter is well worth seeking out) but he is one guy whose judgement – and recommendations – I trust implicitly.

So much so that I clicked his link, didn’t bother to read the sales letter or watch the video, and just scrolled down to the buy button. Which I clicked on without a moment’s hesitation.

It came as quite a surprise to find that the product I’d bought only cost $9.97.

What didn’t come as a surprise, considering that Paul had recommended it, was how good the product tur ned out to be.

Instant Funnel Machine

The product I’m talking about is the ‘Instant Funnel Machine’ funnel building software.

it is had to believe that such a neat bit of kit is being sold for such a low price – and indeed, that’s soon to change because from tomorrow, Monday, the price will start to rise.

Lead funnels and sales funnels are the key to a successful online business. They are equally important because one builds your list and the others make you money.

The problem is that most people ‘THINK’ they can build a funnel but after putting in the time they don’t get any significant results.

There are A LOT of different ways to build a funnel and not all ways work for every niche, every product and every audience. Or every marketer!

The guy behind Instant Funnel Machine, Trevor McHaffie h ad this same problem but he kept at it until he cracked the code.

Then he built a software that creates the ‘engine’ automatically with all the parts already in place.

Instant Funnel Machine has everything you need to get started building successful funnels that will make a real difference in your business.

Here’s is the executive summary of what Instant Funnel Machine is all about:

* No tech skills required

* No coding

* No monthly fees!

* Build your squeeze funnel in just 3 easy steps

* 20 ready made templates (plus 100 more in Upgrade)

* Built-in smart editor lets you customize your squeeze funnel pages

* Integrates with major autoresponder accounts like Aweber, GetResponse + custom HTML opt-in codes

* Redirect to Thank you page or custom URL

* Easily customize your Thank You Page

* Insert up to 4 JVZoo affiliate products and upload banners to monetize your Pages

* Auto-create all legal pages (Privacy, Terms of Use, Earnings Disclaimer, etc.)

* The software creates all the funnel pages and upload free gift (e.g. PDF book) to the installation for you to host

* And more…

See Instant Funnel Machine In Action Here:

Instant Funnel Machine

Check it out right away, because time is limited, you only have until Sunday night to get the super discounted price!

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