Stupidly Simple Arbitrage Review

I teased you last week with the news that I was testing
out a new product and would report back if it worked or
not for me.

It has taken a bit longer than I expected and the
answer is ‘yes and no’.

The good news though is that the time it has taken and
the ‘no’ part of the answer are both down to me. The
product itself performed exactly as promised.

ssaWhat I was testing was something called ‘Stupidly
Simple Arbitrage’ from a guy called Phil Henderson.

Arbitrage is about finding something for sale at a low
price and then offering that same thing for sale at a
higher price – then getting the lower priced vendor to
ship the product directly to your customer.

It sounds really daft, but it works.

I was first attracted to this ebook because I know a
guy ( a regular London lunch attendee) who makes really
good money form doing just this, so I knew it was a
really good business model – even if the idea that
someone would buy from you at a higher price than they
could easily find online sounds so counter-intuitive.

You see, people are, in the main, lazy.… Read the rest

European VAT Laws and ClickBank

The new European Union VAT regulations, which come into
effect on January 1st, are a big worry for all online

Yes, even those who are not from within the EU!

I’m no accountant and find the new laws very confusing, but
the best summary of the situation that I’ve found is here:
EU VAT Changes Explained

Please read it if you sell anything digitally – even as an
affiliate. And please also point your accountant at the
article and ask them for their advice.

Briefly, as I understand it, the new law changes the
collection of VAT (what we in Europe call sales tax) from
the location of the seller to the location of the buyer.

That sounds simple enough, but the problem is that the new
legislation is littered with inconsistencies and

I won’t go into them here – read the excellent article.
Suffice it to say that most of us will be breaking the law
come January 1st – no matter what we do!

Currently, the only sales platform that I know about that
will comply with the new EU rules, and remove the need for
us to worry about VAT completely is ClickBank. When you sell
a product through them they become, in effect, the product
owner and take responsibility for the collection and payment
of the VAT.… Read the rest

A horrible week…

Since getting home from our vacation a couple of weeks ago
my panic attacks have been getting worse. At first they were
a couple a day, which was difficult but manageable, but last
week they really accelerated to 20 or more each day. The
panic attacks are bad enough – they are rather like an
epileptic fit in that I can do nothing but hyperventilate
and shake uncontrollably for about a minute – but the bigger
issue is that they leave me totally drained of energy.

That’s why there hasn’t been a Kickstart for a week or so –
I just haven’t been able to concentrate.

Panic attacks are extremely common and affect different
people in different ways. They occur because adrenaline is
suddenly dumped into your system. This adrenaline surge is a
perfectly normal thing that has evolved to give us extra
energy to fight marauding wild animals or to run away from
danger. We each of us have a list of ‘danger signals’ in
our subconscious that trigger this surge of adrenaline
automatically, but hopefully, most of us rarely have to
experience it.

Sometimes though, something happens that writes an extra
line or two of code to the list of things that the
subconscious sees as threats.… Read the rest

Kickstart: The Hospital Letters #6

This is the last ‘Hospital Letters’ Kickstart because on
Monday they let me come home. The doctors, nurses, speech
therapists, nutritionists, diabetic consultants – and for
all I know the cleaners and dinner ladies all got together
for a case conference early on Monday morning and decided
that I had been enough of a nuisance and that the time had
come to be shot of me.

The deciding factor was that I can now swallow well enough
to avoid drowning in my own mashed potato when left to my
own devices. That’s a major step forward, I can tell you!
Although I still need a lot of my food to be pureed, there
are some things – like well cooked vegetables and soft fish
– that I can break up with a fork. The secret seems to be
that I need a lot of sauce or gravy with everything I eat.
Dry food is still almost impossible for me to get down
without choking.

But when I think that barely ten days ago I was still being
fed by a tube down my nose and couldn’t swallow at all, the
improvement is massive. I know I can’t expect to get back
100% of what I was before instantly, but I’m an impatient
soul.… Read the rest

Kickstart #1305: The curse of the born-again newbie…

I apologize for having gone a bit quiet lately. It seems
ages since I last wrote a Kickstart. The fact is that
apart from the run-up to Christmas seeming to take up so
much time, I have been in a kind of Internet marketing

It started out as a simple enough plan – to transfer all
my products into one payment management system. I chose to
go with JVZoo. But as I got into the nitty-gritty I found
that I had to rewrite the entire sales pages and thank-you
pages, had to work out how to integrate JVZoo with my
existing membership sites, how to actually get JVZoo to
accept my products because several of them are above their
‘maximum’ price and generally how to do a whole bunch of
stuff that should be easy, but turned out to be anything

For the last month I have felt like the most inexperienced
newbie – and have learned a whole new appreciation for the
frustration that beginners feel when the so-called ‘step-
by-step instructions’ that they rely on have several steps

In all this time I have only so far managed to get one
product up and running. Three more are still waiting for
JVZoo support to activate (three days and counting now)
and several others are in the pipeline but stalled for
various reasons (mainly of me not understanding what to do

The moral of the story, if there is one, is that sometimes
we are all newbies!… Read the rest