About Kickstart

Kickstart Newsletter is a twice-weekly ezine from writer and Internet marketer Martin Avis.

Published continuously since 2002, it is one of the longest-running ezines around with a loyal readership – many of whom have been receiving it from the earliest days.

It is hard to categorize Kickstart. Sometimes it is about Internet marketing, sometimes about business. But always it strives to be fun, opinionated and interesting. “More like a blog than a newletter” is one description from a reader. Another wrote, “It is as addictive as a soap opera – I just have to find out where you are taking us next!”

Whatever Kickstart is, you’ll find movie reviews, rants, news of Martin’s life and thoughts on making money online. You’ll also read honest reviews of really useful products and services that have been studied and tested to help you avoid buying one of the many lemons that are on sale.

This site is an archive of back issues – published without anything removed. What you see here is what you’ll get in your inbox twice a week.

3 thoughts on “About Kickstart

  1. Hi Martin, Sergei and Co – he may not have been the originator but that is a quote from a book by the late Robert Sheckley: You’ll find it here at comment 26:

    Post #26 ::: December 10, 2005, 03:35 PM:
    ||Jo I read your comment, and went upstairs to get my copy of “Can You Feel Anything…”. It fell open at this opening paragraph:

    Papazian appeared, disguised as a human being. He checked quickly to make sure that his head was on right. “Nose and toes the same way goes,” he reminded himself, and that was how it was.

    How could anyone read that and NOT keep reading? It shimmers. His writing usually did. ||

    Hope that helps. I believe it is also a good guide when training to surf or skateboard (not so much for snowboards maybe).


  2. Hello Martin,

    I am an ESP/ESL university teacher from Ukraine. I have been a Kickstart subscriber for many years. To tell the truth, for the English language’s sake.
    I love your style, and from time to time I post questions based on your sentences or phrases on various forums for clarifications by native speakers. Quite often I relay this info to my students.
    The quotes you share with us have helped me to give an excellent demonstration class, and I have started to store them on http://www.head magnet.com.
    But the other day, looking through my old notes, many of which contain phrases and words from your newsletters, I came across a very interesting expression from one of your letters: ‘Nose and toes the same way goes.’
    As I do not have the context, and was severely criticised for not providing one on two solid forums, I just would like to know-is it possible for you to try to remember which of your letters contained this phrase, and in what context?
    I really am sorry for this inconvenience, but I have told the students this phrase, got them interested and have failed to provide an answer. The letter the phrase might have been in was sent two or three years ago.

    Thank you in advance

    university teacher

    • Hi Sergei,

      I’m glad that Kickstart is of use to the people of the Ukraine = albeit not quite in the way I had intended! 🙂

      I suspect the expression you refer to may have come from someplace else because it is not a phrase I’m familiar with and can’t imagine I wold have used it. I’ve done a search on over 100 of my back issues and can’t find it in any Kickstart I have archived!

      Sorry I can’t help.



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