Don’t Buy Evergreen Passive Income – Until You’ve Read This…

Last week at the London Lunch, several of us we discussing how difficult it is becoming to find great products to promote. There are gems to be found on JVZoo and WarriorPlus, but there is an awful lot of dross as well.

We came to the conclusion that the 'cost' of being an ethical affiliate marketer is going up - both in terms of the number of products you have to buy to find a great one, and in terms of the time it takes to assess them all.

I'm not complaining, just sad that so many people have jumped on the product creation bandwagon without understanding the need for quality.

What we all agreed was that another way to ensure that the products we check out are more likely to be top-notch is to follow people who are known to produce the best products.

That's why you'll often see me promoting stuff from the same people - they are folks who understand product creation and who always produce quality.

One such person is Rob Cornish. He has built up a stellar reputation for himself in the few years that he has been marketing online. Not only is he very successful in his own right, but he has built up a huge following who know that he always tells it straight.

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I didn’t even hesitate…

There is a new product that was released recently that seems to have been promoted by everyone. I have seen endless emails extolling its virtue. But for some reason I didn’t feel the urge to click on any of their links.

Until this morning what I received an email from Paul Myers saying how good he has found it to be.

Now I don’t know if you know of Paul (if not, his ‘Talkbiz’ newsletter is well worth seeking out) but he is one guy whose judgement – and recommendations – I trust implicitly.

So much so that I clicked his link, didn’t bother to read the sales letter or watch the video, and just scrolled down to the buy button. Which I clicked on without a moment’s hesitation.

It came as quite a surprise to find that the product I’d bought only cost $9.97.

What didn’t come as a surprise, considering that Paul had recommended it, was how good the product tur ned out to be.

Instant Funnel Machine

The product I’m talking about is the ‘Instant Funnel Machine’ funnel building software.

it is had to believe that such a neat bit of kit is being sold for such a low price – and indeed, that’s soon to change because from tomorrow, Monday, the price will start to rise.… Read the rest

I didn’t like the style, but the content is great!

As announced yesterday, I have now set the date for the next London Lunch – Friday 27th May.

There are just 30 places, and they are already going fast, so if you would like to join us for the UK’s premier Internet marketing networking event, please head over to London Lunch Bookings

London Lunch

It is interesting that so far 8 people have booked and they are all previous attendees. Some have been once or twice and others have hardly missed a lunch since we started! Such loyalty clearly demonstrates what a good day out it is and how so many people love to come again and again.

Of course, we equally welcome both newbies to the London Lunches as well as newbies to Internet marketing.

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It may appear that I’ve been quiet lately, but behind the scenes has been a hive of activity. At least, that’s my story. Delia’s take on it may be a little different!

Kickstart Newsletter

One of the long overdue things I’ve been working on is a revamp of the erstwhile abandoned Kickstart Newsletter Archive site. Although still a work in progress, it is coming along nicely: new logo, new look and some clever plugins that let me post simply by adding a special address to my Autoresponder.… Read the rest

It’s NOT rude to interrupt…

  • What makes you open an email?
  • What makes you read past an ad’s headline?
  • What makes you pick up that book by someone you’ve never heard of?
  • Why do some TV adverts grab your attention, while the rest are just ignorable noise?
  • Why do some sales pages make you want to read to the end, while most just make you want to click away?

The answer to all those questions is the difference between being an ineffective marketer and being a highly successful one.

Grab attention

We are all creatures of habit and we expect things we see, hear, and even think about, to remain pretty much the same day in, day out. And most of the time that’s exactly what happens.

It is how we evolved because although we perceive the world as fluid and full of movement, our brains are actually stitching together a series of snapshots. In between each still image our brilliant necktop computer effectively ‘makes up’ an illusion of movement.

So a big percentage of what we think we see is our brain ‘filling in the blanks’.

Don’t believe me?

Try this simple experiment.

Using your cellphone, video yourself moving your eyes from left to right. Notice how you feel that your eyes are tracking smoothly, but in the video you’ll see that they are really moving in a series of little jumps.

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Stupidly Simple Arbitrage Review

I teased you last week with the news that I was testing
out a new product and would report back if it worked or
not for me.

It has taken a bit longer than I expected and the
answer is ‘yes and no’.

The good news though is that the time it has taken and
the ‘no’ part of the answer are both down to me. The
product itself performed exactly as promised.

ssaWhat I was testing was something called ‘Stupidly
Simple Arbitrage’ from a guy called Phil Henderson.

Arbitrage is about finding something for sale at a low
price and then offering that same thing for sale at a
higher price – then getting the lower priced vendor to
ship the product directly to your customer.

It sounds really daft, but it works.

I was first attracted to this ebook because I know a
guy ( a regular London lunch attendee) who makes really
good money form doing just this, so I knew it was a
really good business model – even if the idea that
someone would buy from you at a higher price than they
could easily find online sounds so counter-intuitive.

You see, people are, in the main, lazy.… Read the rest